Septic Tank Basics

Maintenance Tips

A septic system is an essential component of every house. Its major part, the septic tank, eliminates impurities of water coming out of our sewage system. If something goes wrong with it, a considerable amount fund is normally involved as cost of repairs or replacements of a septic tank is really high. This makes it necessary to do regular septic tank maintenance.

One of the ways of keeping your septic system at its best condition is having its tank pumped on a regular basis, depending on its size and the volume of sewage coming in daily. Pumping the tank every couple of years will prevent accumulation of solid matters stored on its base as they can lead to blockage of pipes which could later result to sewer backup.

An additional method of maintaining a septic tank is by getting rid of items damaging to the tank from entering. Such items are paper tower, paint, kitty litter, oil, chemical, and other substances. Keep in mind that flushing garbage into the sewage system can cause significant build-up inside the tank.

Having your septic system checked from time to time by plumbers who are expert in residential plumbing is also highly advantageous. Problems regarding leaked or worn pipes and damaged plumbing fixtures such as faucets, showers and toilets can be addressed promptly before they get serious. Plumbers are also adept in adding the right quantity of bacterial enzymes needed in any size of septic tanks to guarantee efficient breaking down of wastes inside.

It is also beneficial to maintain and protect the drain field by removing plants and tree roots surrounding the tanks, not parking your car above the septic tank, and avoiding sump pump and roof drains from getting near the tank. This is because excessive water can bring about system backup.