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We are building our great reputation one customer at a time with honesty, excellent workmanship and competitive rates. We offer a wide variety of affordable home improvements and home repairs for Charleston & Summerville area homeowners.

Simply put, we take pride in our work and we do each job as if your home were our home.

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  • Cabinet Removed - Before

  • Diswasher Installed - After

  • Kitchen Completely Stripped.

  • Kitchen Remodeled.

  • Kitchen Floor Before.

  • Kitchen Floor After.

  • New Bathroom Flooring.

  • Kitchen Floor Before.

  • Kitchen Floor After.

  • Deck with Tree Before.

  • Deck After.

  • Crown Molding Before.

  • Crown Molding After.

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  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Remodeling
  • Painting
  • Odd Jobs
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Providing handyman services in Summerville & Charleston, SC.

Client Comments

"When I called - somewhat in a panic - you calmed me by saying you could be here in half an hour. And you were. You sized up a potentially severe electrical fire risk and quickly resolved it. Instead of cancelling my meeting or getting there late because of the electrical problem, I actually was a few minutes early. The meeting went well and I got back home rather late. I felt the urge to "thank you" in my blog and perhaps help someone else in need. Please take a look:"

"Lee Pollard of C & L Services is one of if not THE best handyman I have ever had the pleasure of using. He is pleasant and prompt and if you feel its an emergency (even if no one else would) - so does he and he comes as soon as he can and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. HE ROCKS!"
- Laura

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